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Met Testimonial “I have been a member of Atletika Weightlifting full-time for about two years. Previous to that, I trained temperamentally under the tutelage of Ricky and Sarah for about four years. In total, I have been part of their club for about six years.

During my time with Atletika, I have travelled to Uzbekistan twice for a training camp. The training camp in 2015 introduced me to the Uzbek weightlifting team, and it is something I will hold close to me for a long time. In Uzbek, I made friends with the Uzbek team and those friendships continue today. They were and are some of the most caring, down-to-earth and humble athletes I have ever met. In 2016, I returned to Uzbekistan with Ricky and Sarah where I had the rare opportunity to watch the A group train weeks out from the Olympics. My good friend Ruslan went on to win gold at the Olympics. Who else can say they travelled to a country and watched an Olympic team train with one of their athletes having won gold?

In my own experience with Atletika, I qualified for the National Championships in 2015 in the 77kg category representing New South Wales. That was my first National level competition and again, it’s something I’ll hold close to me for a long time.

Training under Ricky and Sarah at Atletika, they’re preparing me for a big year of competition in 2017 with big hopes for 2018.

I will strongly submit that there is no better, more experienced, more insightful coach than Ricky. There is no better close-knit club run than Ricky’s and Sarah’s. Atletika has made me a better athlete, they’ve made me a better person, and through Atletika, I have been able to pass my teachings on to my own athletes as a coach.

Atletika isn’t just a club; it’s a family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
– Met Karakus

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