Team Atletika – In Bukhara: The Final Countdown

//Team Atletika – In Bukhara: The Final Countdown

Team Atletika – In Bukhara: The Final Countdown


With only one week remaining for Team Atletika in the beautiful city of Bukhara there is a mad rush now to get everything we haven’t had time for done before we leave for Tashkent on the 25th of June! Followed by a brief stint in Charvak and Andijon before we say goodbye to Uzbekistan for this year!

Last minute souvenir shopping, clothing purchases and a smattering of site seeing is on the table before we take the bullet train to Tashkent!

Hat guaranteed to get you a second look at customs!

One of the more interesting fashion items we found in Kalhoss Markets, guaranteed to get you a second interview at customs!

As summer is now in full swing here training has reminded us of our summer back home in Australia! The days here sit around 35-40 Celsius with almost zero humidity (a little different to our Sydney weather where the air feels thick enough to cut with a knife!).

It feels strange to know that we will be arriving back in Sydney during the middle of winter!

We have all continued to set new personal records which is a testament to the programming and ability of coach Sukrob. Injuries have niggled all of us at some point on this trip but luckily none of us have had to sit out for longer than one or two sessions this entire camp.

The past two weeks training has been difficult, as usual however we have often had the good fortune of spending our free days at the spa or sauna or even at the beach at Tudukal lake.

A great way to spend a summer sunday

The beach at Tudukal beach

There is a definite sense of surprise at how quickly the time has passed, with many of us remembering the hint of panic that set in once we arrived in Bukhara, something along the lines of “we have 4 whole months of this!” Time has expanded and contracted around our daily activities and, despite our days being much the same with very little variation, we haven’t really at any point felt bored or like we had too much spare time.

Our time here in Bukhara and Uzbekistan is drawing to an end, and we know there will be sadness as we say goodbye to Ricky’s family till at least next year.

one of our many trips outside of the city

A pleasant 40+ degree day in the desert!

We depart Uzbekistan on the 3rd of July and begin the next leg of our 2017 training camp in Taganrog, Russia. We were fortunate enough to meet the legendary David Rigert and his son Vlad at Cianco Weightlifting in Melbourne last year. The outcome of that meeting being the opportunity to create our first Russian training camp! From the 4th till the 19th of July we will be attending a two-week training camp at the David Rigert Weightlifting Academy in Taganrog, Rostov Oblast.

We are very excited about the next step of our journey, and we look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you!

Until next week, train hard!

Team Atletika – Bukhara Uzbekistan