Hello from Taganrog, Russia!

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Hello from Taganrog, Russia!

Hello From Russia!

Early last year we had the good fortune of meeting the legend David Rigert and his son Vlad when they were in Australia. That meeting led to us organising our first training camp in Russia!

So, here we are, at the Rigert Academy in Taganrog, Russia!

Training camp Russia hall

Outside the training hall ready to throw some weights around!

After a scenic train ride from Moscow to Rostov on Don we were picked up by Slav and his brother Denis!

Russia training camp drive

After our train ride from Moscow to Rostov on Don we were picked up by Slav Rigert and his brother Denis!

The David Rigert Academy we are staying at holds some of the greatest weightlifting history in the world, with the walls lined with pictures of lifters such as Chigishev, Klokov, Koklyaev, Akkaev, and so on.


Russia legends

Wall of fame! Many, many great weightlifters passed through these halls!

The first time we walked into the training hall was surreal as we all knew those platforms and who had lifted on them. Every lifter had their own particular platform (something which is not uncommon to see in established gyms) and we were given a quick history of each lifter and their best lifts in the gym.

Taganrog Rigert Academy

The famous Taganrog training hall!

So, how has our training been? For those of us who have been in Uzbekistan for the past four months it was a definite change in pace where we went from a very consistent ‘classic lift + pull or squat + good mornings’. Volume has been very high as they strip us back to start positions and stationary positioning.

The approach has been very different and an interesting experience to learn from. Denis and Slav have been fantastic to work with (although I sense a slight amount of enjoyment out of their inflicting pain on us) essentially breaking our athletes down and addressing technical problems head on.

It has been difficult on our team but, there has been some light at the end of the tunnel with various world champions dropping by to say hello and give us an encouraging word or two!

Russi legend Oleg Perepetchenov

With the legendary Oleg Perepetchenov!

Meeting our heroes in Russia

The team meeting the one and only Akkaev Khadzhimurat! Very hard to not freak out over this guy!

Aside from training we have also had weekly appointments for massage and sauna and plunge pool. The team looks forward to this more than the food hall (another excellent arrangement with a buffet style layout and plenty of variety!)

Russia Sauna

Team Sauna! Hats used to stop our heads from burning!

Massage in Russia

Luke receiving a massage next to the plunge pool.

Foodhall in Taganrog, Russia

The food hall with buffet style offerings. A very big hit with the team!

We have not had the opportunity to do much site seeing in Taganrog aside from a Moscow versus Taganrog rugby match followed by a pub visit where we ate smoked fish and drank craft beer (a good combination if you haven’t tried it!).

Taganrog vs Moscow Rugby

Rugby match: Taganrog vs Moscow! Great fun to watch and definitely a taste of home!


A fun night out in Taganrog! Complete with home-brew alcohol!

With a week left in this picturesque town, we plan on getting out and about and seeing some of the history of this town before we depart to Moscow on the 18th of July!

We are all having such a blast we cannot wait to come back again next year!

Till next time, train hard!

Team Atletika – Taganrog, Russia.